Tuesday, June 17, 2003

AT&T Comcast's Anti-Catholic Business Model Refuses Recognition of 'Cable TV Pioneer' in Utah!

Comcast Corporation has an incredible opportunity to rectify a great injustice perpetrated against the vocational achievements of this nation's foremost Cable Television Pioneer. By ensuring a place in their nationwide channel lineup for her network, Comcast's recognition of Mother Angelica would do much to disprove the allegations that their pursuit of amassing enormous profits derived from immoral investments is the only concern for this so-called responsible corporate citizen of America. If this giant telecommunications provider of entertainment programming cares nothing for the deleterious effect their product has on an increasingly degenerate and decadent society, then the genocidal rage of the 20th century will find its ignominious conclusion in the 21st century's cultural suicide. The short-term gain of profits for entertainment and media conglomerates will be mitigated by the return to barbarism dictated by our precipitously declining civilisation.

Indeed, AT&T Comcast's hostility to religious values is further proof that they are a fervent advocate of this stifling culture of death and materialism that afflicts the very soul of our national being. With more than a dozen home shopping networks and a half dozen degenerate music video channels, these networks have contributed more to perpetuate the forces of perversion unleashed on our great culture than any other idea or artifact. But that's not all, Dear Reader. We also have the witness of the Oxygen Network with the demoniac Canadian who hosts The Joy of Celebrating Your Inner Deviancy, MTV's The Osbournes, E's The Anna Nicole Show and The Howard Stern Show, and the soft core porn on the premium movie channels that once were vehicles for the home viewing of recent Hollywood theatrical releases -- instead, they have become a showcase for a society that embraces sexual liberation and cultural genocide.

Here in Utah, many people want EWTN back in the Salt Lake Valley. There are two LDS stations, dozens of home shopping networks, two forums for liberal women, and a dozen programming options for evangelical Protestants. There are no longer any Catholic channels in the state where Catholics are the second largest denomination. Fair is fair! INSP and all of the religious channels switch to home shopping during some part of the day. EWTN has programming 24/7 and there is NO charge to the cable provider for this programming!

Is there NO limit to the banality, coarseness, and vulgarity of the endless barrage of music videos, materialism, and unbridled sensuality that your company inflicts on society?

The very rural community of St. George, Utah with Charter Communications has a far more cosmopolitan and varied cable lineup than the urban capital city, but St. George also has more competition in the cable market.

Maybe, Salt Lake City government's Cable TV Administrator needs to investigate the franchise for the monopolistic practises of AT&T/Comcast.

Recently, the AT&T chairman admitted that he wanted a friendlier political climate in Utah for his company. He concluded that currying the favour of the LDS Church was the quickest way to achieve this goal. These documents were released during the trial over the disputed ownership of The Salt Lake Tribune. AT&T's decision to remove EWTN from its Utah lineup came one year after it announced the sale of the Tribune to the MediaNews Group -- when the scrutiny over their controversial sale was reaching its peak. Viewed from this perspective, neutering the Salt Lake Tribune by selling it to an LDS-approved buyer and preventing the preeminent Catholic network of evangelism from having an audience via the cable giant's infrastructure are ideal ways to curry the favour of Utah's largest power broker.

One positive effect of the free market is that the anti-Catholic business model of AT&T Comcast has resulted in many of the 200,000 Catholics in Utah to subscribe to Dish Network to receive the Global Catholic Network. Even if cable television is so much more convenient than satellite television (as Comcast advertising alleges), Utah Catholics will not go back to it after the decision that replaced EWTN with INSP -- unless that December 2001 decision is immediately reversed. Nationwide, I understand that the 63 million Catholics who can't get EWTN on cable are turning to DISH Network where it is available. However, the Dish is not available for distribution everywhere because some apartment complexes have built-in monopolies for the cable company. Many consumers also balk at the up-front investment in equipment that satellite television often requires for service. (Though this is less of a concern with satellite companies that mirror the rental equipment option made popular with cable television.)

For Comcast to continue to deny programming access to its many victims of restraint-of-trade practises, the clear message is that this immensely arrogant corporation has an insatiable lust for power that blinds them to all issues antithetical to self-interest -- issues of fairness, decency, and morality.


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