Friday, June 27, 2003

SCOTUS Continues Murderous Assault on the Culture of Life.

Without regard to their precious doctrine of stare decisis, the Supreme Court continued this nation's slow descent to zero population growth and our civilisation's eventual extinction. By making no reference to their doctrine of stare decisis, the Supreme Court majority has confirmed the intellectual incoherence and moral bankruptcy of the doctrine that has kept Roe v. Wade on life support for 30 years. The Supreme Court declared that the state has no compelling interest in maintaining and preserving the procreation of our society's civilisation. SCOTUS has perverted the ordering of our inalienable rights. We are now told that Our Creator has endowed us with the Rights to the Pursuit of Happiness and Liberty. The Right to Life is applicable insofar as it is convenient and doesn't interfere with having a good time.

Thirty and a half years ago this week, the Court declared that a woman has the fundamental right to murder her own child in her womb. Now, the Court declares that it is a fundamental right of our society to divorce the sex instinct from the natural and right-ordered instinct to procreate.

By upholding our society's single-minded pursuit of pleasure, the Court has illustrated that the depth of the abyss that is the culture of death ends in the very bowels of Hell.

The cruelty of this judicial edict is realised when we reflect on the heroic sacrifice our citizens exhibited in confronting the genocidal whims of mass-murdering despots. By embracing our own impulses to self-destruction a century earlier, we could have avoided the tremendous economic and social costs of war and conflict.

This is indeed a very dark day for American jurisprudence.


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