Friday, May 16, 2008

CA Supreme Court Invents A New "Constitutional Right"

American Courts Continue Murderous Assault On The Culture Of Life

Without regard to their precious doctrine of stare decisis, the United States Supreme Court continued this nation's slow descent to zero population growth and our civilisation's eventual extinction with their 2003 decision in Lawrence v. Texas. By ignoring their golden doctrine of stare decisis, the U.S. Supreme Court majority confirmed the intellectual incoherence and moral bankruptcy of this doctrine responsible for keeping the companion decisions of Roe & Doe on life support for over 35 years.

With today's decision (May 15, 2008), California joined the suicidal impulse of 12 other U.S. jurisdictions (including the United States Supreme Court) by declaring the state has no compelling interest in maintaining and preserving the procreation of our society's civilisation. As a result, this imperial judicial system atrophies an authentic understanding of our inalienable rights. By fiat, Our Right Honourable Overlords niggardly mete out the Rights to the Pursuit of Happiness and Liberty in accord with an enlightened sense of propriety while the Right to Life is applicable insofar as it is convenient and does not interfere with having a good time.

Over 35 years ago, the Court declared that a woman has the fundamental right to murder her own child in her womb. Now, 13 U.S. jurisdictions have declared it a fundamental right of our society to divorce the sex instinct from the natural and right-ordered instinct to procreate.

By upholding our society's single-minded pursuit of pleasure, these courts illustrate the depth of the abyss that is the Culture Of Death ends in the very bowels of Hell.

[FYI: Stop, Drop, And Roll Doesn't Work In Hell. ^_^]

Ultimately, these judicial edicts express the cruel contempt of the intelligentsia towards the heroic sacrifices our citizens exhibited in confronting the genocidal whims of mass-murdering despots. By embracing our own impulses to self-destruction a century earlier, we could have avoided the tremendous economic and social costs of war and conflict.

This is indeed a very dark day for American jurisprudence.

"The stench from the bench is making me clench!" -- Michael Savage